About the Santa Clarita real estate market team

Who is the Santa Clarita real estate market teamWe are Local Realtors that were tired of people saying things they knew nothing about.

You probably know someone like this, they try to tell about stuff you know about, of which they have no clue. Sometimes, it’s funny. But if it’s going to cost you money, it’s not very funny…

The real estate housing market in the Santa Clarita Valley, and in other cities, has to be watched daily. The “expert” needs to be doing their due diligence when it comes to seeing the real numbers and data.

Then, and only then, is that Realtor able to bring that intel to their clients and sphere of influence.  It’s like that commercial of the stock broker, once they started talking everyone got really quiet.. Remember that one?

When a local Real Estate market experts touts off with real estate figures, data and some housing market insight – people listen…

Without Further Adieu – I’m Connor MacIvor. I’m a Realtor and have been since 1998. Back when I was licensed and started working with business of real estate buyer and seller representation, the housing market data was not so “available”.

We had to crunch numbers using mathematical formulas and calculators. It was difficult. In addition, those “figures” were easily manipulated by those who had no code and were deceitful.

Today we see that numbers are still manipulated and that some in my industry are doing a great job scamming people.

The numbers I provide for our clients, and those who are wanting to know how the Santa Clarita real estate market is doing, are all verifiable with the local Board or Realtors. SRAR – Southland Regional Association of Realtors 818-786-2110.

I don’t like games and only want my clients to get the truth and the best intel possible when it comes to the Santa Clarita real estate and Housing Market.

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If you are outside of the SCV Cities, yet still within the Southern California Areas, I have resources to get you the very same verifiable data. All you need to do is Inquire.

BTW – I was LAPD for 17 years full time – I resigned and became a full Level III Reserve officer and remained such for another 5 years.  There is CODE in there. I do believe in what goes around comes around – twice as hard, at least 🙂

You will not be spammed.  You won’t have any of your personal information sold/traded/given away… You will only get the intel which you are requesting. I promise!  Don’t forget – I’m a local realtor – my phone numbers is at the top of every single page and It’s my cell!

REMAX of Santa Clarita / REMAX of Valencia – We are located at 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381. Each office is independently owned and operated. 661.284.5429 – CABRE 01238257